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It’s been a very long time. We’ve been well all the time but this blog has been in a kind of coma. I kept thinking in blog-posts, but starting with my usual summer-blogging-sluggishness I found that my lack of time and technical equipment made it too frustrating to really post something. Anything. Now I’m still working full-time (more than ever, actually), but I got a new camera and a laptop of my own. Before I shared the computer with my family especially watching eyeTV, so I usually only got to do something fun with it when everyone else was in bed. Mostly getting my daily fix of apartment therapy and pinterest. And maybe a game of Mahjong or two. As far as I can tell from the last two weeks since I own this little acer-baby I won’t be kicking these bad habits anytime soon, but now I hope to be able to squeeze in some blogging during daytime. The other main reason for being absent was my growing frustration with my really bad photos. Back in the old days, when blogging was still relatively new and pinterest didn’t exist, taking good photos wasn’t that important, at least not to me, I was happy to see and do a decent shot with my point-and-shoot-camera. But, being a cold-and-grey-winterdays-blogger I always had problems with lighting. Well, the blogging-world matured, but neither my camera nor my skills as a photographer did. I’m working on that one now, though I still find it intimidating but I hope it’s like learning how to drive: In the beginning I couldn’t imagine that one day I’d be able to shift gears without even thinking about it and anticipating most traffic situations. And: I decided to keep it real. Maybe I’ve had an overdose of all these picture-perfect pictures, but all this perfection on AT and pinterest bores me increasingly. It’s still nice for inspiration and aspiration to see perfectly staged living-rooms with cords all hidden or rustic cakes elaborately styled with just the right amount of crumbs beneath, but: my life (and my home and my cakes) is certainly not perfect but good enough. And yes, I still like to share it with you. Because I’m curious myself (I’m a big fan of house-tours and enjoy peeking into other people’s windows on winter-evenings), because I like tutorials and recipes and think it’s only fair to give something in return and yes, because I like to show off and brag, like all the other people blogging about their lives, I guess. Which leads me to the question of relevance: does this world need this blog? Certainly not. There are thousands of more interesting, more beautiful, more helpful and more consistent blogs out there and frankly, in the transition to this laptop I cut down the list of my favourites and subscriptions by 2/3 myself, I’m not reading all these blogs anymore, if ever. But apart from that ego-thing there is still my longing of being part of a creative community and, occasionally, remote friends and my mother-in-law dropping by (and complaining that there hasn’t been anything new for a very long time ;-)). So here we go, I’m planning on wasting more web-space for as long as I feel like it. And adorn it with real pictures of my real home:


Ice / Eis

This morning we heard longingly awaited news on the radio: the Alster is frozen and open to the public (even though at your own risk). It’s an event that doesn’t happen every year, only in very cold winters the ice on the Alster is thick enough, because it only looks like a lake, it really is a dammed river. This late afternoon between work and dark we went onto the ice, like many other Hamburgers, too. But because it’s so vast and still not officially made into a fair with concession stands and blasting music (I expect that for the weekend), it didn’t feel crowded but rather contemplative.

with ♡ to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day

and the Elbphilharmonie under construction in the background

lovely, but brrrrr, it was cold.

Diesen Morgen hörten wir endlich die sehnsüchtig erwartete Durchsage im Radio: die Alster ist freigegeben (wenn auch auf eigene Gefahr). Das passiert nicht jedes Jahr, denn die Alster tut nur so als ob sie ein See wäre und friert nur in richtig kalten Wintern durch. Also sind wir, wie viele andere Hamburger, zwischen Arbeit und Dunkelheit auf’s Eis gegangen. Aber weil es so weitläufig und noch kein offizielles Alstervergnügen mit Getränkeständen und Musikbeschallung ausgerufen ist (ich befürchte das für’s Wochenende), verlief sich die Menge und es war geradezu besinnlich. Mit ♡ für die Valentinstag-Stimmung und der Elbphilharmonie im Hintergrund. Schön, aber brrrrr, es war kalt.


There are many ways of helping the people of Japan, I especially like this one:

via help japan, as well as aktion deutschland hilft, and donating to the red cross. I want to make felt sushi and sell it for the cause, using these instructions: tao of craft.

Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten den Menschen in Japan zu helfen, mir gefallen diese: help japan und aktion deutschland hilft, sowie Spenden an das rote kreuz. Ich habe vor Filz-Sushi zu machen und für diesen Zweck zu verkaufen, nach dieser Anleitung: tao of craft.

Finished! – and yes, we’re still alive and kickin’ / Endlich fertig!

Well, finally the quilt is finished! Wow! There have been times when I wasn’t sure myself if I’d ever get to see this quilt. After last post – ages ago, I know – I assembled the pieces, bought the filling, sewed the back out of some old tablecloths and pinned it all together with a supercool pistol-like thingy. I dutifully made photos of all these steps, eagerly willing to post about the quick progress I was making and then: I started quilting. So frustrating. Really. I have a machine made for quilting (it’s a Bernina Quilters Edition), but the blanket-to-be was just too heavy to be moved. I had it all put up on the dining table, the sides rolled up so I could move and handle a portion of the quilt, but free-motion quilting was just impossible. Hm. I then chose to use my walking foot and quilt along the lines, but it didn’t look good. With a sigh I unpicked all the quilting-seams and gave up for a while. And – as you might have noticed, I gave up blogging for this while, too. I just didn’t want to whine and be negative and share my frustration with the world. And also Christmas was coming near, presents had to be made and I felt like sewing things I had long put aside because of that quilt if I sewed at all, the frustrated me preferred doing things sewing-unrelated. As taking part in the 20/20 home cure of Apartment therapy and baking lots of cookies this advent. And – good news! – make some baby-related things because anytime now I’m becoming an aunt, my sister is due next weekend! But the quilt still nagged on me, and so  I took out some plates, the magic felt-tip and the thimble and started hand-quilting circles. I used to hate hand-sewing, even closing something with a little slipstitching seemed overwhelming, I just don’t have the patience and the skill, maybe due to lack of practice. But now I had to. The circles broke the task up in manageable bits, that was of help. And yesterday, a rainy and stormy Saturday, I resolved upon finishing the project and doing the last circle and then the binding. This morning I put the quilt in the washing-machine and the dryer, et voilá, here it is:

And here’s the back-side, you can see the circles:

Today it’s rainy, too, so please excuse the bad lighting. A detail:

Boah, what am I to do with all this free time on hand now? No worry, I always have a looong list of possible projects, maybe a quilt? ;-) Besides I bought a serger/overlock in the meantime, we’re finally going to have the whole house for ourselves some time this year (our renters are moving out) which means a lot of work and more interior designing plans (yeah!) and I’m going to work full-time after the summer-holidays to finance this all. I know no boredom.

Na endlich, der Quilt ist fertig! Wow! Es gab Zeiten, da dachte ich selber nicht mehr, dass er fertig würde. Nach dem letzten Post – damals, ich weiß – habe ich die Stückchen alle zusammengenäht, die Füllung besorgt, die Rückseite aus alten Tischdecken zusammengenäht und alles mit einem coolen kleinen Pistolending zusammengeheftet. Pflichtbewusst wurde auch alles fotografiert um den schnellen Fortschritt zu dokumentieren und darüber zu berichten und dann: fing ich an zu quilten. So was von frustrierend. Wirklich. Ich habe extra eine Quilt-Maschine, aber die zukünftige  Decke war einfach zu schwer um bewegt zu werden. Ich hatte alles auf dem Esstisch aufgebaut, die Seiten eingerollt um immer eine kleine Portion zu quilten, aber free-motion quilting war einfach unmöglich. Dann habe ich den Obertransporteur eingesetzt um entlang der Linien zu quilten, aber das sah einfach blöd aus. Mit einem Seufzer habe ich alle Quiltnähte aufgetrennt und für ‘ne Weile aufgegeben. Und – wie man bemerkt hat – auch das bloggen für ‘ne Weile aufgegeben. Ich wollte nicht nur jammern und negativ sein und meine Frustration in die Welt rauspusten. Weihnachten kam auch immer näher, Geschenke mussten gemacht werden und ich wollte auch endlich wieder die Sachen nähen, die ich für das Quiltprojekt auf Eis gelegt hatte, wenn ich denn überhaupt genäht habe. Andere Sachen habe ich lieber gemacht, so habe ich am 20/20 home-cure von Apartment Therapy teilgenommen und ganz viele Adventskekse gebacken. Und – gute Nachrichten – ich habe ein paar Babysachen gemacht, denn ich kann eigentlich jeden Moment Tante werden, meine Schwester hat nächstes Wochenende Stichtag! Aber der Quilt lastete auf meiner Seele und so nahm ich ein paar Teller, den selbstlöschenden Filzer und den Fingerhut und fing an, Kreise mit der Hand zu quilten. Naja, ich habe Handnähen schon immer gehasst, selbst das Schließen einer kleinen Wendeöffnung per Hand empfand ich als Zumutung, ich habe dafür einfach nicht die Geduld und bin da auch nicht so fit drin, fehlende Übung, vielleicht? Aber nun musste ich ja. Die Kreise haben das alles in machbare Portionen aufgeteilt, das hat geholfen. Und gestern, am regnerischen und stürmischen Samstag, habe ich mich entschlossen, endlich fertig zu werden und den letzten Kreis und den Rand zu nähen. Heute morgen habe ich den Quilt durch die Waschmaschine und den Trockner gejagt, et voilá, hier ist das Ergebnis!

Leider ist das Wetter heute auch nicht besser, daher bitte ich die Beleuchtung zu entschuldigen, aber die Rückseite und ein Detail  kann man schon sehen.

Boah, was mache ich jetzt nur mit der vielen freien Zeit? Keine Sorge, ich habe immer eine laaange Liste möglicher Projekte, ein Quilt vielleicht? ;-) Außerdem habe ich in der Zwischenzeit eine Overlock gekauft und wir werden irgendwann dieses Jahr das ganze Haus für uns haben (unsere Mieterinnen ziehen aus), das bedeutet viel Arbeit und viel Inneneinrichtungsplanerei (jawollja!) und ich werde nach den Sommerferien auf ‘ne ganze Stelle gehen um das alles zu finanzieren. Langeweile kenne ich nicht.

editing my blogroll / mein blogroll überarbeiten

In case you haven’t noticed, I have edited my blogroll. It was time to say Goodbye to some good ol’ bloggers who stopped blogging I guess. It was not easy for me, as I absolutely understand a longer blogging-break (can’t throw a stone sitting in a glasshouse, can I?) and also because some of them were among the first blogs I’ve been stalking. Yep, a blog-stalker I am. I have a loooong list of blogs I like to peep into, but I hardly ever comment. Well, actually the first blog I ever read was moonstitches, when I was searching the net for a softie-pattern. Didn’t find it there, but she had a link to mollychicken at that time. They both opened a world to me. The world of contemporary crafting and blogging about it. My family even derived a word for everything crafting and sewing-related from it, like: “Oh, mum’s not ready to go, she’s still mollychicking!” or “Do you want to watch the film with us or do you want to mollychick?” Hmm, so sad the last entry is a Happy New Year’s wish. Wonder what happened. Two other links I edited away were honeyspy and zakkablog, both have been abandoned for quite a while but were kept because I’ve met and liked the ladies behind them in real life. But as I’m still willing to keep this blog alive I felt I had to edit out some dead ends in the blogroll and let some fresh air in, so I added some blogs I’ve secretly been stalking on a rather regular basis. Welcome to cambellsoupdiary who seems to live in the suburb where I work, to little brown pen whose photos I admire, to pretty ditty who brings a bit of glam into sewing, to sometimescrafter who inspires me to finally manage a real quilt and to this is love forever whose book is pure inspiration. Welcome!

Back! / Zurück!

Seems as if my usual summer-blogpost-writing-pause has happened, not intentional, but I tend to get sluggish indoorwise in summer. And then summer holidays happened, too. Well, this was our daytime-home the last few weeks:

And that’s how we spent most of the evenings (not far from the daytime place):

Take a look at Wonnemeyer’s webcam to have an up-to-date view. Wish I was there again…sigh….

But hey, there are some news to write about, I just have to take some photos… … back again!

Es scheint als ob meine übliche sommerliche Schreibpause wieder passiert wäre, nicht beabsichtigt, aber im Sommer werde ich drinnen ein wenig träge. Und dann waren ja auch schon Sommerferien. So sah unsere Tagesunterkunft aus… und so verbrachten wir viele Abende (nicht weit vom Tagesplätzchen). Für einen aktuellen Blick gibt’s Wonnemeyer’s webcam. Ich wünschte ich wäre dort…seufz….

Aber hey, es gibt wieder Neues zu schreiben, ich muss nur noch ein paar Fotos machen… … wieder zurück!

nordic walking – or at the crossroads in Shire / – oder die Kreuzung in Auenland

I usually think up more blog-posts and take more photos than I actually use and write. Well, this morning I make use one of these photo-streams: I’m taking you with me on my usual nordic walking-tour, the photos taken Sunday two weeks ago, when the weather was much better than this Sunday morning.  I only have to cross one road and the scenery makes me so happy, relaxed and peaceful, it sometimes reminds me of Shire in Tolkins novels, especially this time of the year.

this is where I start, right behind our neighbour’s house

I pass ‘Schrebergärten’, allotment gardens with long traditions and very different gardening styles

then I have to cross the road

shortly after I’m at the crossroads in Shire (Auenland): today it’s straight on

moor to the left

and a brook to the right

I’m not alone

along winds the path

at crossroads again

and once more

I turn right, decay and growth at my feet

sun filtering through leaves

past a hidden lake

the way to the horse barns

no horse outside

along the lake again

nature reclaiming

deer friends

paved now, somehow

fresh leaves

back to the crossroads

up to the traffic lights

past the ‘schrebergarten’s playground

and our son’s favourite climbing tree

home in view

a peek into the back garden

turning into this while I take a shower

Happy Sunday!

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