editing my blogroll / mein blogroll überarbeiten

In case you haven’t noticed, I have edited my blogroll. It was time to say Goodbye to some good ol’ bloggers who stopped blogging I guess. It was not easy for me, as I absolutely understand a longer blogging-break (can’t throw a stone sitting in a glasshouse, can I?) and also because some of them were among the first blogs I’ve been stalking. Yep, a blog-stalker I am. I have a loooong list of blogs I like to peep into, but I hardly ever comment. Well, actually the first blog I ever read was moonstitches, when I was searching the net for a softie-pattern. Didn’t find it there, but she had a link to mollychicken at that time. They both opened a world to me. The world of contemporary crafting and blogging about it. My family even derived a word for everything crafting and sewing-related from it, like: “Oh, mum’s not ready to go, she’s still mollychicking!” or “Do you want to watch the film with us or do you want to mollychick?” Hmm, so sad the last entry is a Happy New Year’s wish. Wonder what happened. Two other links I edited away were honeyspy and zakkablog, both have been abandoned for quite a while but were kept because I’ve met and liked the ladies behind them in real life. But as I’m still willing to keep this blog alive I felt I had to edit out some dead ends in the blogroll and let some fresh air in, so I added some blogs I’ve secretly been stalking on a rather regular basis. Welcome to cambellsoupdiary who seems to live in the suburb where I work, to little brown pen whose photos I admire, to pretty ditty who brings a bit of glam into sewing, to sometimescrafter who inspires me to finally manage a real quilt and to this is love forever whose book is pure inspiration. Welcome!

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