nordic walking – or at the crossroads in Shire / – oder die Kreuzung in Auenland

I usually think up more blog-posts and take more photos than I actually use and write. Well, this morning I make use one of these photo-streams: I’m taking you with me on my usual nordic walking-tour, the photos taken Sunday two weeks ago, when the weather was much better than this Sunday morning.  I only have to cross one road and the scenery makes me so happy, relaxed and peaceful, it sometimes reminds me of Shire in Tolkins novels, especially this time of the year.

this is where I start, right behind our neighbour’s house

I pass ‘Schrebergärten’, allotment gardens with long traditions and very different gardening styles

then I have to cross the road

shortly after I’m at the crossroads in Shire (Auenland): today it’s straight on

moor to the left

and a brook to the right

I’m not alone

along winds the path

at crossroads again

and once more

I turn right, decay and growth at my feet

sun filtering through leaves

past a hidden lake

the way to the horse barns

no horse outside

along the lake again

nature reclaiming

deer friends

paved now, somehow

fresh leaves

back to the crossroads

up to the traffic lights

past the ‘schrebergarten’s playground

and our son’s favourite climbing tree

home in view

a peek into the back garden

turning into this while I take a shower

Happy Sunday!

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