The pond / Der Teich

Well, a longer blog-break again, this time my main excuse is the making of…

… The Pond!

I forgot to make a ‘real’ before-pic, but you can still see the difference between now:

and  about a month ago:

(who needs google street view ;-)).

It involved some trips to country-fairs like Gartenzauber

(and this, on special request to step in to the rumors his evil Mom spreads about his eating-habits and to prove the to rest of the world that he IS indeed eating green things…):

to my favourite nursery Staudengärtnerei Bornhöved (unfortunately I forgot my camera) and to a fair at the organic farm Gut Trenthorst to buy plants for the pond:

It also involved sewing cute little jute sacks for the plants I had bought and buying cute little goldfish so that last winter’s survivor isn’t lonely anymore:

Phew, a lot of work, but finally we enjoy this view from that little terrace you can see in the first photo:

and the fish are happy, too:


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