New bag – and a deconstruction / Neue Tasche – und ein Auseinandernehmen

Well, I don’t want you to have the first impression of my blog to be the thrown-away ugly things in my household any longer, so this post starts with an ‘after’-pic: My Echino-bag-parade. The weekender on the right and the laptop-case in the middle I made with the original Echino bag patterns I bought at superbuzzy and made them last fall. I don’t know a single word of Japanese, but I could guess the meaning of the strange signs in the patterns, it was a bit like playing Mahjongg, matching curves and combinations in picture and ‘text’. I like both bags from the outside, it was the first time I did piping and I think it turned out well. But I have to say that the open seams inside turn me off a bit, you sew it panel by panel and there is a lining but it’s not hiding the seams. That’s different to the various bag patterns I tried before. So when my bag for work bought long ago (and very cheap at an office-supply) tore inside and wasn’t very clean either, I thought of making a new one myself. I have done Amy Butler’s Messenger Bag twice and Sew Liberated’s Mischievious Gnome Messenger Bag three times and I like them, but in practical everyday use I preferred my store-bought bag. So, Friday night  in a splurge of activity I emptied my bag, took to the seam-ripper and cut off my bag. I took several pics and some notes on how that thing was assembled, because I wanted to re-create my favourite bag, of course with my favourite fabrics and some minor alterations. It was really revealing, in every sense. I saved the zippers and the handle to reuse them and made paper-patterns from the deconstructed panels. Well, and then I started, panel by panel. It’s basically done like the Echino-bags, they just covered the inner seams with corded ribbon. That’s the trick! Now I might even beautify my other bags from the inside, too. For the flap I used laminated fabric I had bought for such a project vaguely on my mind. But it caused times when I was about to bite the machine (and anyone else coming too close!), because no sewing-foot I have on hand was willing and able to feed this fabric through when I wanted to topstitch the flap. I tried scotch tape under the foot, to no avail, but then I faintly remembered someone putting parchment paper between fabric and foot. I did and it worked, though it was more feeling than seeing where the edge of the flap (and my sewing-line) was. All in all I’m very pleased with the outcome of this sewing-adventure, I might even be making more of this kind of bag. Here are some impressions of my endeavours:

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