Well, this was summer ’09 – in short

Today I restocked my DaWanda-shop, for about the first time this year, um, and, well, umm, I guess I should also restock this blog, humph.

iPhoto is opened up and I try to pick up the thread I lost somewhere this spring: Easter was sunny and yummy:SSL24154

Then I visited my sister who lives in Ljubljana in Slovenia. It’s really lovely there, a tiny country with a great variety of landscapes and atmosphere:SSL24215

SSL24237One of the following weekends my friend Anny and I went to a mysterious workshop that I’m going to blog about later on. But we passed this on our way: Hamburg Marathon:SSL24328

This summers weather was – in Northern german terms – excellent, only an uncommon hailstorm in June brought down our rhododendrons bloom:SSL24408

On weekends, we made short trips to the Baltic Sea …SSL24424

… as well as to the Baltic Sea ;-)) (Actually ‘Kieler Woche’, the most important German sailing regatta turned festival):SSL24545

Of course we went to the ‘let’s pretend we’re in the Wild West’ Open Air theatre again:SSL24566

And then it was time to say Goodbye to that messy staff-room at my now former school:SSL24623Yeees, I decided to start teaching at another school, closer to home, before I get too old to make new friends among the colleagues and make it sort of home. New place is nice, staff is nice and I save lots of time and fuel not commuting that much anymore, but still… it’s hard.

Well, then it was time for summer vacation. We spent two weeks on Sylt, an island in the Northern Sea, which is considered the German Hamptons:SSL24702

A beloved young man, wetting his pants, other way up ;-)) and later hiding behind the orange sail:SSL24715

There are some more compromising pics with me fighting the elements, because this was a mother-son adventure thing, learning windsurfing, but, no, um, they are compromising. me in a wet suit. elements. like wind and water. We survived, not least because the loving Dad and husband sometimes booked a table in our favourite beach-bar-lounge-restaurant-thingy Wonnemeyer, where the webcam once showed the world how four hungry teachers and their breed gnawed off a delicious fish, had too much wine and got the fishbones on their new jackets. It’s good to have friends to share the more compromising moments in life. ;-0! Well, this is the path that leads there:SSL24726

And if the northernmost point of Germany, List, doesn’t attract tourists with its architecture, it sure offers something:SSL24741

but hey, the landscape is impressive:SSL24763

Back home I immediately set off to turn some inspiration into reality, e.g. I made this bag (actually two, one for my sister and one for me) after reading Seams to me on the beach:SSL24792

My mom came for a week and then it was time to prepare the next year at school, to settle (still settling), and even to teach sewing for the first time in my life. I have absolutely no professional training in that subject so I was and still am excited and quite nervous about this endeavour.

And, last month, it was time to welcome a new member of the (extended) family, this is Amy (and the other young one):SSL24816

This young Lady is mother-in-laws new dog (Laila passed away late spring), must have lots of Dachshund in her, galvanizes the elder Lady.

Now it’s really late at night, and you can see the first leaves turning yellow in the picture above, so we reached the present, I have problems tiping tiny little words like ‘the’ (teh,eh,teth,..) because of yawning too much, it’s time to finish this post. No promises. But more things to post about. Crafting and sewing related. But not today….

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