Sooo, it’s been exactly one year since I started this blog, there were times when I had a lot to write about and times when nothing mentionable happened and also times when so much happened that I didn’t find the time to write about it. 

Initially I planned to celebrate this date with a nice banner, but as I’m in one of these too much happening to write phases now I’m also too busy to create the banner I’d like this blog to have. Instead I give a short impression of things that kept and keep me busy:

Guess what I did last week: 


I wasn’t alone, along with me were 38 15+years-olds and 3 colleagues, we had to call for the rescue-heli twice (phew, the injuries turned out to be not too serious), fought with a stomach-bug making its rounds and with an underage-binge-drinking-attempt. But the sun was shining, the Alps still had snow and at least we could skip the boring monthly staff-meeting, we were in a good mood most of the time and got a nice suntan, envied by the colleagues at home.

While I was away in Northern Italy/Southern Alps, DaWanda somehow failed to post my absence-notice, so my poor husband had to handle the shop, e.g. mail the customers that they had to wait for me, and my nice, patient customers all did. Well, from Sunday on the washing machine and the sewing machine took turns in getting my attention. Only Monday morning was a break, while I was at work. Too late, it seems, for that Lady Bernina, she got a very bad migraine and had to be taken to the sewing-machine-doctor. Jep, she broke down yesterday, making unfunny noises and unruly stitches every 20 cm or so, and it got worse. Finally I gave up, fearing that I’d increase the damage and took her to the repair-shop, there she’ll stay for a week or so. I still have to work on the orders that came in last week, that’s why I dedusted a very Mid-Century-Modern model: 

Lady Retro


And, as I had planned on a nicer, customized banner and also being curious on how to doctor nicer pictures and probably make some designs I can use next weekend (more about it next weekend! ;-)) I downloaded Gimp and experimented a bit, but I have to admit that it’s far more complicated than I had expected for this graphic-design-untrained me. If I ever have more time I’ll try to get the hang of it, but I guess it’ll have to wait a while. 

Ah, and before I forget: we also bought a new used car, right after taking a shower when I came home from that 18 hours coach-ride back home we went to the car-shop and signed the contract. Now I’ll have to get all the papers and the keys on Thursday, then we’ll take the car home after Jens’ work. 

Bed-time for me, german translation about to follow in year 2 personal blogging-time.

1 Response to “Bloggiversary”

  1. 1 Stine March 29, 2009 at 7:57 pm

    belated happy blog-birthday!
    Stine xxx

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