☆ Merry Christmas! … and a tutorial… ☆ Fröhliche Weihnachten! … und eine Anleitung…

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas-time, good company, good food, lots of laughter and time to relax. And a well-decorated home ;-))

If you want a matching table-decoration or if you are in need of a nice little present (and still have 15 mins. sewing-time), here’s my first ever tutorial: 

How to make a tealight-cozy


Cut two squares of fabric, edge length appr. 15 cm (6 inch), and pin right sides together: 


Sew along edges, leave a gap for turning in the middle of one side, clip corners: 


Now turn and press: 


Choose which side you want to be the in- and outside, the later inside is what you see here. Fold your square halfways, mark the middle of the short sides with pins and sew from about 1 cm (1/2 inch) off the folded side towards the pins (take a close look at the photo, then you know what I mean):


Now fold the remaining two sides halfways (sort of), pin and sew: 


You end up with something like this: 


Time to switch off your machine, you’re almost finished. Just turn, 


and fix the corners with a few stitches (or glue, if you’re really in a hurry), like this: 


To elevate the tealight, fill in inflammable fake snow or glass-pebbles, even sand will do: 


Add the tealight and tadaaa! it’s finished and nice on your table, window-sill or wherever you want to have a little tealight-candle: 



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