Springerle: the recipe / Das Rezept

Today I finally came ’round to start making Springerle, a kind of bisquit which is hard to chew but nice to smell and to look at. It’s part of our families’ holiday tradition, and, as I’m taking part in the Christmas holiday traditions exchange, I translated the recipe into English:



Springerle – Recipe

 2 eggs

200 gr. confectioners sugar

1 sachet vanilla sugar

250 gr. flour

1 pinch of baking powder


 Beat eggs and sugars until creamy, then carefully add flour and baking-powder. Roll out dough about 1 cm thick, dust generously with flour and press mould onto the dough, cut into pieces. Sprinkle baking-plate with aniseed and let the springerle-pieces dry on it for 24 hours. Then bake ~ 30 min. at 150 – 160°C.

 These Springerle are made by my Dad every year, we use them more as a decoration than as real sweets because they are so hard to bite, but they last long and smell and look nice. I think they’re only edible dipped into coffee, like Italian cantuccini. We have several moulds in our family, some are from my Grandma, who came from the Black Forest, some are presents of friends who know that we actually bake Springerle and some are bought at fleemarkets, because nowadays these moulds are hard to get, I think the best option is in Black Forest Souvenir-Shops.




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