DaWanda-meeting / DaWanda-Treffen

Yesterday was the first privately organized meeting of DaWanda-sellers in Hamburg. I had been to a previous one in Hannover in early March and I thought I’d meet some of the people again, but instead there were new faces: Ute (Kreativine), who had generously organized everything, Petra (Paulina), Gila (Strumpfkunst), Anne (Schnurzelbaby), Sabine (SchmuckeBine), Heike (tueddelie) and last not least Elisa (elisa). We had loads of nice food, interesting chats and products to see and I had brought along the buttoncovermachine, so the girls had something to play with ;-))

Gestern war das erste privat organisierte DaWanda-Treffen in Hamburg. Ich war beim Treffen in Hannover Anfang März und dachte, einige Leute wieder zu treffen, aber dafür gab’s neue Gesichter: Ute (Kreativine), die alles so großzügig organisiert hatte, Petra (Paulina), Gila (Strumpfkunst), Anne (Schnurzelbaby), Sabine (SchmuckeBine), Heike (tueddelie) und last not least Elisa (elisa). Es gab viel leckeres Essen, anregende Gespräche und Produkte zu sehen und ich hatte die Knopfbeziehmaschine mitgebracht, damit die Mädels was zu spielen hatten ;-))


1 Response to “DaWanda-meeting / DaWanda-Treffen”

  1. 1 alex May 13, 2008 at 10:16 am

    What a super good idea.
    Did Dawanda organise it or did you?
    I would love to participate in such a day, if ther ever was one for all the Dawanda people in Frankfurt.


    PS- the Amy Butler messenger bag looks super!

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